Wednesday, August 30, 2017


I'd like to say that I'm too busy to write but it would be a poor excuse since I've started writing articles for one of my favourite online shopping sites.. So, here I am going back to where it all started, my blog :D

It's the middle of semester for us teachers here and everyone is in festive mode - or should i say holiday mode so I'm feeling a little reflective.

Anyway, lately I've been rained with a few important decisions to make. Decisions that can change one person's life or even many peoples lives; ulitmately my life. Which then led me to see the truth in the saying that 'the only thing that is constant is change'.

So here's the thing - everyone must go through a change in their life and everyone gets scared of the unknown. Some even try to avoid change and are adamant in remaining the same forever. But if life was just so predictable then that would mean we would lack the opportunities to go through an adventure, to persevere and be patient during a challenging time, we might not grow and develop, we won't know the meaning of `surprise' and we won't appreciate the blessings in disguise. For with every turn of event, I believe there is a reason behind it.

All we need is to find that reason and have faith that what's in store for us has already been written.

So change can be liberating, change can be unwanted. But ultimately we all need it one day.

What's left is to be brave to make those changes and to accept it.


Thursday, July 6, 2017

Clear blue skies

The weather these days remind me of hot summer days I used to experience back in England.
The sky was a bright blue, the sun shone all day and everyone's mood was as bright as the sun :)
As this is the first week of getting back into the groove (of working) and all things related, so just like the weather, mood wise, everyone is still in the raya mode which means we're as happy as a lark! Well almost.

And in times like this sometimes, one can also suddenly get a moment of clarity. Or maybe that's just me. Driving my one hour route back home gives me a lot of time alone to think (and sing out loud).
It's not that I get many decisions made or anything. The point is that I get to think. An action that sometimes you don't get to do alone when you're dealing with many other things at one time... ie. house chores, kids' attention, etc.

So, yes, I cherish my drive back home even though I absolutely hate being stuck in bad jams and getting home all tired and moody.. sorry family :(

Anyway, this is my first post in 2017 and I just thought the title was appropriate to start it even though it's already July!

Hope you're having a great clear blue sky day yourself.

Love lots.