Wednesday, May 4, 2016

While you sleep

It's on days like today that I always feel like reflecting. The day when I get caught in a bad traffic jam, get home late and find you fast asleep. 
It's not the first time, but thank God it's also not quite often that you do this. Lately you've been making yourself stay awake just to play.. 😅 i don't mind that much. We get to spend time and that's important.. 
But since I left the house this morning for work and you were still sleeping, it's made me heart break a little 💔
I know that you don't like me coming home late. I recall you actually saying while playing house with your cousin that  'mama' deserves the cold treatment cuz 'she' came home late.. :(((
Though I know this too shall pass it still makes me feel bad.. 
But Mama always tries to make it up to you right?.. I pray for better times and more quality time with you and Daddy..
Love you dearly.

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