Thursday, October 15, 2015

the mid-life crisis?

It probably is so cliche that when you turn 40, yes, I am 40 already, you suddenly start thinking of one of these two things: `life is only just beginning' or `I think I'm going through a mid-life crisis'..

I suppose you could say I've been feeling that way lately.. I mean about both of the things I just mentioned.. Help!

Ok maybe I'm being a bit dramatic but I do feel something different having turned this new age.. If only I can stick to the saying that age is just a number..

Well anyway, you recently turned 4.. an adorable age to be at.. and a challenging one for Mama and Daddy. You also seemed to be in some sort of denial wanting to remain 3 years old after realizing that we had to change your milk when you turned a year older.. haha.. you're so cute..

Anyway back to Mama's issues.. I believe you are partly to blame for these thoughts Mama is having. The need to want to spend more time with you and actually raise you properly has made me once again indulge in the idea of working from home.. Ah.. the fantasy of every woman.. well, maybe most women.. or should that be some only.. :D

It bugs me that I'm at this point once again and still can't do much about it (yet)..

On the other hand your Atuk, my Papa, who is turning 70 next month still wants to work! Kinda puts me to shame for planting these ideas in my head.. But then again, I can't be wrong either to want to do something as noble as raising my own child..

So, here I am writing in this blog that is not worthy of a blog due to these sparse entries... Gosh where did my better version go to.. Sorry if this entry is crappy.. Mama will come back and write award winning like entries.. just you wait..

I love you Wawa. Please don't judge me.. :P

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Shz said...

keep on writing la wei. that will keep us sane!

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