Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Go live that life

I seem to be contemplating a different kind of life lately. A life where I'm not so binded by orders (at work)  and routine. A life where I can appreciate more of life. Do more with life. Spend more time with family. Spend more time with you. Spend more time for me. Take a brisk walk in the morning. Finish a book. Memorize a surah. Perform more prayers besides the 5 I have to..

These images will be possible if circumstances were different of course.

So dream on then I say to myself.. or should I be saying go live your dream, Shereen!

I guess it's true that as you get older you start having these profound thoughts, an epiphany or something like that, that tells you life is more than just what you're doing. Why is that, you ask? Maybe it's because you start feeling time is slipping away, grey hairs are popping out and your knees are not so strong, and so is your memory.. You start wanting to listen to people talk, the news etc rather than radio stations that play nothing but famous tunes.. These things then hit you like a pile of bricks and you're like, whoa, hold on, I'm not that old yet.. but am I?

But of course all of this is part of the cycle of life right? As a young person you'll have a lot of questions, ideals, dreams and ambitions.. Later in life you get the answers, you see the bigger picture and sometimes sadly, you finally get what life is really supposed to be. Well better late than never.

But here's the thing, our existence on this earth is not to live a leisurely life all the way.. Life is a struggle. You have to struggle to live. You have to learn the hard way. You have to be obedient, follow rules, have faith in religion, follow a straight path.. You have to pave your way to a happy ending in your after life. You have to. Because in akhirah we have to face the consequences of all our actions. So why not start by doing everything right from the start. Struggle. Work hard. For where you're heading will be eternal and endless.

Yet I'd like to still think that if dreaming of a better life  on earth means yearning for a life with more quality in order to help you get a ticket to Jannah, a good after life .. go live that life! Before it's too late..


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