Monday, May 25, 2015

Beauty within

 Couple of months ago in class I was talking to my students about how me and them were ages apart.. And how we are separated by a generation gap.. To their surprise (well, some of them) and to my surprise, they didn’t seem to think what I was saying was true.. And so that day went by in me being in a state of temporary happiness having been thought I was younger than my age! :p
When of course my dear I am beginning to feel the signs of aging and whatever else that comes with it. And so that is life.. one moment you’re looking up for beauty tips to clear up acne then the next minute you’re trying on anti-wrinkle cream or worse, using an ingenious app on your phone that transforms your picture into some flawless young version of you.. Not that I’ve tried any of the latter.. but I’m just saying..
Anyway my dearest Wawa, I pray Allah gives me the time and health to be there for you if you need any beauty tips in the future. I may not be able to look like your sister or a young and stylish mum by the time you reach that age where your looks matter, but at least I’ll be able to give you some sound advice.. ;)
The most important thing is to be beautiful all around.. especially inside. Have a kind heart, think good of others and always remain positive..
Whoever beautifies himself on the inside, Allah will beautify him on the outside.
-Ali ibn Abi Talib-

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