Thursday, May 22, 2014

while I was invigilating..

A Farewell Ode

The first day to me was really nerve-wracking,
My thoughts were like 'they're gonna be judging',
As expected, we all slowly got to talking,
After that history was in the making.

Like often before, there were times I got sad,
And maybe sometimes a little bit mad,
But surely there were moments I was ever so glad,
To have met you people who ain't all that bad.

My hope for everyone is succeess all the way,
May you find it in studying or on any given day,
Be sure to be good and of course always pray
That a time will come that we meet again someday.

You know where to find me, that is if you care to,
God willing I'll be here to receive a postcard or two,
But silence will not mean that all is forgotten,
From the bottom of my heart please accept this little token.

- Ms Shereen, 21st May 2014-
In memory of my mentees, M12B, M12C & E12D


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