Tuesday, January 28, 2014

bon appetit!

At an early age, I was blessed to have an appreciation for food ;) Your Wan will always tell me the story of how one day I came back from school and proudly told her that `Today I had seconds Mummy'.. (meaning: I asked for a second round of food at the canteen) The school I attended at the time prepared food for their students and all we had to do was queue up and be served :) 

My favourite was the sweet stuff. That hasn't changed much. I still have a sweet tooth. I don't recall much of what exactly were my favourite food.. but all I know is I had an appetite and it led to several nicknames used fondly by my relatives that I choose not to mention here.. It's no fun that sometimes when they're reminiscing the `good ol'days' they remind me of it.. :p

At 2 and a half years going on 3, you love a number of healthy food. Thank you Allah. Carrots are your favourite vege; you love fruits especially apples, grapes and watermelon. You love my spaghetti and most recently, your Daddy's macaroni and cheese ;), anything soupy and also yogurt. I'm kinda glad the only chocolate you seem to eat these days is only the Kinder Joy choc you get with a toy. You can finish the whole thing on your own :)

I can talk all day about food but let us not forget to feel blessed we have the ability to taste our food with joy and that we get to eat enough everyday.. Be thankful for that, don't be wasteful and above all try to get to know the food you eat. Most people realize a little too late that what they've been eating all this while has affected their health. I may be in denial when I say that I'm not one of them.. but what I'm certain of is at this age I want to be more mindful of what I eat. It would've been great if I had taken more interest when I was much younger.

It's only when you feel age creeping up on you that you start to take notice.. I just hope it's not too late :)

Be healthy my love.


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