Tuesday, December 24, 2013

thank you for reading

I've come to this page several times over this past month tyring to get something down but it has never come to anything. When I went off facebook early this month (sorry I'm no longer there), I thought of writing a long entry on how I felt saying goodbye to it.. haha.. Then I thought of writing about how much time I feel I'm losing this holiday cuz I haven't been able to finish a single book though I've started on so many.. :D  Point is, I think I stopped myself writing them because it was just so mundane. (Even if I think blogs sometimes can actually make the most boring stories become fascinating tales)

So I was thinking.. maybe it's time I moved on to greener pastures.. In other words, I think I need to do some changes to this blog..

It has long occured to me that my musings here mean only so much to the writer. Me. Of course I aim to please others too in the sense that I always hope that whatever is shared here can touch somebody else out there. After all, aren't those what blogs are for? To express thoughts, ideas, etc. To connect to others or at least to create some sort of response or afterthought for readers?

Friends ask me why I write and what I write. I try and give a convincing answer that makes them want to come and read it. But I don't think I have been successful :p Which leads me to conclude that I write for me mostly. How selfish can that be... haha..

Anyway, I've been thinking of dedicating my new blog to someone. From now on I'll be writing for someone.  A very special person. But I know that it can benefit others too, hopefully.. :) I sometimes think that at least when I'm no longer on this earth, my words can remain alive and bring meaning, as long as someone reads it..

I'd like to leave some part of me, buried in between words.

So, the new blog will be dedicated to my beloved Khadeeja Najwa. My daughter. May she find lessons in what I share and may it be a source of comfort when I'm gone..

Before I embark on the journey of the new blog, I'd like to say thank you for reading all this while.. Till the next entry.. happy new year!


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