Sunday, October 27, 2013

what you do to me

There's this joke I think you must have heard about students' excuses for not getting homework done - cuz the dog ate it :P.. Well I kinda was given a similar excuse like that because someone skipped class last week - because his cat died (and he was depressed). In a moment of anger, I quickly scoffed the excuse and said `you expect me to believe that?'.. only to regret it much much later because the student was telling the truth. In my defense, my anger had stemmed not only from that one incident but was an accumulation of frustration and anger I had felt but never quite expressed...

Moral of the story: it may have felt good to go into an anger spree moment (since at the end of the class I had taken extra time to scold the guilty ones at the expense of everyone else in the class -it wasn't just one student who had skipped class..).. but it just left a bitter taste in my mouth and in my heart after I recalled all the things I had said to them :(

And this is coming from the person who normally doesn't make angry look angry. But oh, what these kids do to me..

Yet, I believe there are always other ways to handle `sticky' situations in class and I vow to try and not get my emotions all tangled in a knot in the aftermath of such a situation.. 


Shz said...

I expect a cat person like you would understand that!!!

Heather said...

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