Monday, July 1, 2013

bringing in the new

As with the beginning of a new semester, I'm all pumped up to embark on another journey of teaching.. There's nothing like the novelty of meeting students for the first time. Well at least in my case, it's technically the first time even though the students have been in college for a year.

Clearly, having to take over a class from another teacher is not much different than getting a fresh new class.

Yet as much as I accept the new faces, I'm often reminded of the old ones who have left. I try to remember the things I did in their classes and hope that I can be a better teacher, if not the same one. Teaching is kinda like riding a bike, you don't forget how to do it. Once you're standing in front of those eager faces, it's non-stop talking from then on.. haha..

Well.. anyway.. this is me, probably, trying to express my resolutions in so many words. Trying to envision lessons that will be inspiring, uplifting and most importantly of benefit to the students. Trying to assure myself that I should know what I'm doing, having been teaching for this long. Because even though it's like getting on a bicycle once more, it is still a pretty daunting process, one that many teachers repeat and in spite of carrying a heavy baggage of experience and knowledge, amazingly we always get something new for the taking - experience, knowledge and such.. plus potential broken hearts along the way.. :P

A student came up to me knowing I was the teacher who will take over and said `be kind to us, teacher'.. Well, I think it works both ways :)

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