Friday, June 7, 2013

guilty pleasure

A friend asked on facebook recently what was your guilty pleasure. She openly admitted that hers was going away on work trips (lucky her to get to travel a lot) and being away from her family (husband and 2 kids). Which is why it is called a guilty pleasure because first, you should feel bad (guilty) about admitting it but at the same time you should enjoy it all the same.

Being an oxymoron, the moment you admit to having it (a guilty pleasure), it kinda makes you feel that you're saying something you're not really entitled to. But yet you are.. 

I suppose the dilemma most mothers have is that. The part where you love spending time with your children, but deep down you're also dying to just have a moment to chill with friends, go shopping, finish that book you've started and maybe just finish a meal in one go..

Sounds like me :D

Well I didn't comment on the facebook status of my friend for fear of revealing a part of myself to people who don't even know me.. But it made me thinking that the thing she wrote shouldn't really be something she should be guilty of doing. It's something needed, once in a while.. At least as far as mothers are concerned :)

The only difference is of course how you want to go about `claiming' that time.. I for one have only just let myself be buried in books and work when away from family. Thank God for chick lit, I have been able to go about this holiday indulging in some kind of guilty pleasure. But seriously, those books sometimes make me mad about how people write about women.... But that's another story..

So, what's your guilty pleasure? ;)

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