Friday, May 31, 2013

my me time

I have just finished watching this scary movie which I refuse to let haunt my sleep so that's why I'm writing at 1.30 am and listening to love songs.. (so they can drown these scary thoughts that something is standing behind me right now..)

It was a stupid ending anyway so I shouldn't really feel scared..

After about a week since my holidays I have to say I am much rested (from thinking of work). But as a mother to an active 20 month old baby girl I wouldn't say I am that rested :p

So here I am yet again grabbing this me time where I can type away on this laptop and listen to some sappy music. Mind you, on most days I would be asleep just as soon as my baby sleeps. The perks of putting your baby to sleep- you get to fall asleep too and not feel guilty about it :D

Clearly I'm rambling. 

Will come back and write with more gusto and something much better.

good night.............

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