Tuesday, April 30, 2013

the last leg

When things come to an end it can either be a much-awaited or dreaded time in your life. Ending the IRP session last week was somehow a mix between the two.
As I write this, my dear students are struggling to finish the last leg of the race to the IB exam. A scenario I have been able to witness these past 6 years. In my attempt to be a little melodramatic, I told them over a round of cupcakes on the last day that it was time for me to let go of their hands. That they are now going to go to battle without me. It's funny that as teachers, all you want to do is give them all the help that they need. But of course most of the time, what you can do is only give them a little push and shove and the rest is up to them.
In the past I've always had trouble saying goodbye to my students. But I'd like to think I've evolved from the clingy teacher to the one who can now let go. I have to believe that all has been done and pray that God will enlighten their hearts and minds to understand the knowledge they have received and to be able to weave it into the answers in the exam.
I pray they understand to answer all things right,
I pray they all work hard and work with all their might
I pray they leave the college taking all the good and bad
I pray they remember and maybe write, if not I'd certainly be sad.. ;)
Good luck my dears.


Shz said...

I don't think u were ever clingy! We learnt to let go. Especially after learning that for the majority of them we were also part of a vague distant past. Some tu, pandang muka kita pun tak dah on graduation day! We say our goodbyes and if some do remember us, sometime in the near future, we just count our blessings!

Sher said...

Thanks friend. True.. I think I've kinda learnt to accept that fact now over the years ;) A distant past... indeed.

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