Friday, April 5, 2013

"I need space"

If you ask me what's one of the most common excuses of why people ask for a break up (in a relationship) it would be because "I need space". Not that anybody ever used it on me, but since I've lived some number of years.. I think I can surely say that this is true.

As cliche as it may sound, `I need space' is used for the obvious reason that the person who said it is probably reconsidering why he/she suddenly doesn't feel like continuing the relationship and therefore needs time(space) to think.. or maybe because they just feel that they indeed have no space - to think, feel, breathe or move about, due to the nature of the relationship..

And as much as it hurts to be told so, I suppose those words may actually ring true.

I recently attended a conference on education and teaching and learned something new about space.

In one of the sessions I attended, the speaker was talking about creativity and how we can be creative. One of the ways of how we can be is, guess what.. to do with space! To be more specific, the design of space. Basically in his example, in order for us to generate creativity in a classroom, a school needs to rethink how the classroom or even better, the whole school, is designed. 

He showed an example of a school (I don't remember where) that had a classroom with 3 different kinds of seating arrangements: one that allowed for groups to discuss, one space for those who needed alone time, and another where students were able to focus on the teacher. They were 'design conditions for mastery, autonomy, purpose,play and passion'. How cool is that?

Anyway.. it wouldn't be wrong to dream that one day I'll see a classroom like that in the school that I teach.. haha... An unconventional idea.. but who knows, it may allow for creativity and better opportunities for learning.

So, you may see now how meaningful the phrase "I need space" is since it may just allow you to have more time to think. Something that we don't have time to do sometimes... :p

But then again, I believe that despite the limited space that we have in our life, there is always room for creativity if you just allow yourself time to reflect, imagine and experiment.  Even if you fail in your efforts, at least it's a `praiseworthy failure'.. :)

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