Sunday, October 21, 2012

I can live without you

You must be reading this because of the title. Spoiler ahead- it's not what you think.. ;)

If you listen to a lot of love songs, there's always a line that goes like.. `I can't breathe without you', or `I can make it without you, but my mouth is lying'.... and you know the rest probably. If you've ever had your heart broken you surely can relate.. But I assure you life will go on. And you will still breathe even if your heart has been smashed into a million pieces.

Anyway.. am  here to share something much simpler than that.

You see a habit I have to end a long day at work  is to spend a few hours (read: 1 or 2 hrs only) in front of the telly. But since Astro decided to bar us for paying the bill late we've had to resort to the `normal' channels and watch what's there.. It's not so bad actually (though sometimes a little boring what with endless ads). This situation has led us to conclude that we can do without astro and it's many channels and repetitive programs...  That at least if there's nothing good on (which I find on some days there isn't, ..just like astro) we can still find other things to do besides parked in front of the idiot box..

Which leads us to the title: I can live without you.

I can for many reasons but I may not want to for another load of reasons... It's hard when you're so used to something you'd think that without it you can't function normally. That you're missing out on things.. When all you need to do is just have a little change of perspective.

It's Day 4 of no astro. Yesterday they called to ask me when I'll be paying the bill. I almost told them I won't have to anymore once I terminate the account.. Almost. ;p


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

stuck in reverse

There are times when you need to go backwards. In time. When you've taken the wrong exit on the highway. When you've misplaced something and need to retrace your steps, etc, etc.. I'm sure you've done all these at least once in your life.

It's good you know. To look `behind' you; to take a peek at yesterday. Only if you want to learn from these past experiences. Only if you reflect.

It could be the opposite reaction as well. You may get sad, maybe even depressed. For it may have opened up old wounds. Or because what you have in the present may not be as good as what you had in the past. But it's best not to go in that direction. What should be done is know that everything happens for a reason. And what you think was best for you may not have been the best after all...

On the radio this morning it said that people make mistakes all the time. It's inevitable since we are humans. The whole point of it is not to focus on the mistake that was made but what are you going to do about it after making that mistake.The answer is: don't do it again. Vow to be better. Vow to never repeat it. Make things better. 

So if you need to go blasting to the past.. whether to reminisce a good memory or a bad one, take away something from it. Something you can put to good use. Something that will make you a better person.

Monday, October 15, 2012

my hats

One thing I like when going to work is getting a chance to talk with friends. Conversations can vary from the most mundane things like what time did you punch in? to more heavy topics.. After all we're all humans here. Teachers aren't perfect creatures. We have flaws, desires and goals. We lead a life outside of the classroom and put on a different hat of course.

I have a hat I wear with my baby, a hat for beloved hubby and a hat for other parts of life.. but sometimes I wear the same hat regardless of who I'm with and I suppose that's ok. That's what makes you you..

Right now I'm wearing my `I-want-to-write-about-stuff' hat and that's why I'm blogging in the middle of the day...

Ok, gotta run and put on a serious hat to discuss serious matters about student's assessment! :p

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