Sunday, October 21, 2012

I can live without you

You must be reading this because of the title. Spoiler ahead- it's not what you think.. ;)

If you listen to a lot of love songs, there's always a line that goes like.. `I can't breathe without you', or `I can make it without you, but my mouth is lying'.... and you know the rest probably. If you've ever had your heart broken you surely can relate.. But I assure you life will go on. And you will still breathe even if your heart has been smashed into a million pieces.

Anyway.. am  here to share something much simpler than that.

You see a habit I have to end a long day at work  is to spend a few hours (read: 1 or 2 hrs only) in front of the telly. But since Astro decided to bar us for paying the bill late we've had to resort to the `normal' channels and watch what's there.. It's not so bad actually (though sometimes a little boring what with endless ads). This situation has led us to conclude that we can do without astro and it's many channels and repetitive programs...  That at least if there's nothing good on (which I find on some days there isn't, ..just like astro) we can still find other things to do besides parked in front of the idiot box..

Which leads us to the title: I can live without you.

I can for many reasons but I may not want to for another load of reasons... It's hard when you're so used to something you'd think that without it you can't function normally. That you're missing out on things.. When all you need to do is just have a little change of perspective.

It's Day 4 of no astro. Yesterday they called to ask me when I'll be paying the bill. I almost told them I won't have to anymore once I terminate the account.. Almost. ;p


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