Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Today marks my parents' 42nd wedding anniversary! A figure I would say, Alhamdulillah, and congratulations for having reached it. At 69 (Mama) and 67 (Papa), they have raised 4 (ehem, beautiful) daughters lovingly and they continue to do so.. I pray they are blessed with health, long life and prosperity and that my sisters and I don't cause them any pain even at the `old age' that we are now ;) We've given them a lot to worry about in the past and now more than ever, we should know better.. Even if we're only human and sometimes do end up crawling back into their arms asking for help :D

My husband and I have made it to 12 years Alhamdulillah and praying for more years to come..;)

Since we're on the topic of marriage, this year has been a year of wedding invitations, some expected, some surprising. It makes me sad to admit that I only managed to make it to maybe just 2 of the weddings I was invited to.. out of like 10! At this age, of course it's not friends who are getting married, but more like students, cousins, etc.. Due to unavoidable circumstances I was forced to miss out on the weddings and if not for facebook, would never get to see the wedding photos and maybe honeymoons! ;)

Marriage is no laughing matter. It's a life you create for yourself. A life with someone you love, someone you want to rely on. It's a bond. A duty. It's what you do because of Him. I am proud of my students (who are still students) who have made the step into the married world and though I worry that they are still young.. (you are young) I would like to believe you made the decision with a clear mind and purpose. And that no matter how young you are, who says it won't work out? Everything boils down to each person in the marriage.. It's something you build together. Make it work.

I could tell you many stories of failed relationships and all but I don't want to burst your bubble.. What I do know is that with love, trust, understanding, tolerance, give and take and your ability to listen to each other and communicate well, InsyaAllah.. all will be well.. Even when children aren't in the picture, life can be bliss. (I had 11 years of a `honeymoon' before our daughter came..)

So, to all those married couples out there, or to future brides and grooms.. I wish you all a happy, loving marriage filled with laughter (you gotta have a sense of humour) and joy and many babies.. Oh, and that's another story- when the babies start coming ;)


FaizRodzi said...

thanks for early wish (refer to last paragraph).



Sher said...

Haha.. don't forget to invite me! Any candidates so far? ;)

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