Thursday, May 31, 2012


This is the last day of May and my 6th day of holidays. 
My daughter is babbling words in her playpen while watching Timmy Time. Adorable :)

I on the other hand have come here to write something profound while one eye is watching over the little one just opposite me.

Nothing is coming out.

But let me just say that blessed am I to be able to enjoy these moments with her in this safe environment right now. And as I read about the children who were massacred in Syria, I send a little prayer for them all that Allah blesses their little souls and may they rest in peace. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

of my baby and my students..

This time I'm not going to declare my intentions to write and how much I will write because it is pretty clear that these days, I can't promise things like that anymore.. :D

The urge to blog has been strong lately and ironically now I'm here I haven't a clue what to share. Or maybe I do..

My baby continues to amaze me everyday. The fact that her first word was `Mama' is a start. And maybe since she now has 4 cute tooths at the age of 7 months (people say this is not common..). She laughs at my funny faces (thank God it works), has more vocabulary besides `Mama' and is eating as well as taking milk. I still hate leaving her in the morning and wish I could take her to work.. In short, having a child is bliss even though I can't claim to be a hot mama (seriously my dress sense has deteriorated since having her.. it's not as if it was great before her.. haha).. and despite the house being in a topsy turvy state (I need a maid!).. I am blessed, Alhamdulillah :) I just need to take a course in time management :p

Another major thing going on around me now is the IB exams. I've just come to realise this cycle repeating itself. Year in year out. I used to get real sad with the fact that students were leaving the college. I still do, but it's lessened I suppose (don't feel disheartened if you're reading this). I suppose I'm now taking it more sanely. If they come back and say hello it's ok. But if they don't then I still wish them well.. But if course it's undeniable that there will be those who will be ingrained in my memory after they leave.. at least for a while ;) At the end of the day there's always facebook, twitter, etc.. but even so, it's not a guarantee that you'll get a peep out of them...

Nevertheless my dear dear students who have touched my life and maybe still continue to do so, I pray you all are safe and happy, leading a good and meaningful life.. I still see some of you in the faces of others sometimes haha.. and at least we can say, our paths crossed. Maybe they'll cross again..
my angel who just got up..

So what's next?

Till the next post I guess. Hopefully it'll be something much more interesting than what I've shared today :)

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