Tuesday, March 13, 2012

have you missed me?

Here I am surrounded by 3 sleeping cats and a baby, a mug of tea and the TV blaring the sounds of my daughter's favourite cartoon.. At 6 months you'd never imagine a baby to have preferences! But that she does ;)

I shouldn't claim myself to be a blogger since I've pretty much abandoned this blog for months. Time. Was what I couldn't find to share my musings.. Or time was just used up for other things since the last time I wrote.

It's a one week holiday now and I fantasize that I'll have time to share a thing or two.. But five minutes ago the little one just woke up.. and so.. I gotta run!

So has anybody really missed me here..? I doubt so :p

1 comment:

izyan.ariff said...

someone somewhere does :)
post a pic of ur baby girl preety pleaasee?


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