Monday, October 24, 2011

gettin back into the groove

Here I am at work stealing a few moments of `me time' to put some life back into this blog.. After 2 weeks back at work, I think I have gotten back into the groove..Working mode is on. Then I switch it off totally once at home. The little one gets most of my attention these days :D

Time now carries a whole new meaning for me. It's a good thing I guess since I've adopted the policy of `no school work at home'.. so I try my best to get things done before I leave. I try..

Having a child turns your life around. People say the `honeymoon' is over and life will never be the same.. I suppose that's true. I'm not complaining. I know I'm in for a new challenge in life and I pray God will guide me all the way..

The thing is I seem to be at a lost for words these days.. Facebook statuses of mine are almost non-existent and I have no idea what to write in twitter or in this blog.. :p OK, this isn't a serious matter but being one who is drawn to language, I feel I have lost my touch.. haha..

So I'll try and find new things to write about in here ok people.. Somehow, my daughter has taken up my capacity to explore new I know they're in me somewhere.. I just need to get some of it back again.. Maybe I need to listen to what Stephen King said- if you don't have time to read, how can you expect to be a good writer.. Hmm... reading... Maybe i'll do that when she's asleep.... oh well... one can always dream..

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