Tuesday, December 20, 2011

the GREEN hat

I'd like to think that on some days, the green hat I put on really reflects what it means- at least to Edward De Bono - who created the idea of the 6 thinking hats. If you don't know, the green hat centers on CREATIVITY.. Which means that when we're thinking.. we should try thinking creatively.

I think I've been showcasing that trait since I've managed to devise probably more than a dozen lullabies to put my baby to sleep this holiday. Of course sometimes I pick up on existing tunes and make my own lyrics.. Then at other times it's these `never-before-heard' melodies that I believe puts little Khadeeja to sleep.. ;) Now that, is creativity.. haha

I can't say much about the Malay dramas I've been following on the idiot box these days.. Plots seem to be different but then end up being those you've already seen and heard. So what's the catch then? Why am I still glued to the screen? Cuz people in general are attracted to drama- in any form that they can get...

Anyway.. my post has a point I'm trying to reach.. My assessment of this whole matter is, maybe Malaysian drama makers are just not creative. They should explore other issues and elements to tell a good story. They should inject intelligence and uniqueness to their storylines. They should try to avoid feeding the general population with only love, romance and tragic stories.. which I admit is usually the selling point for most films out there. (Though I like it now that a lot of stories remind people of good values and religion.. ) In short, they should try putting on the green hat!

Maybe it's a sad fact that what we see in dramas or movies today reflects the real life of our society.. Or maybe that's all we care about.. I don't know. I love watching a movie occasionally that just takes me away from the realities of life. That's why people create fantasy stories (like vampires..) But I do, do appreciate real stories made out of real people.. Oh well, I think maybe I'm influenced by western movies that are to me, always ever so interesting that I'd like Malaysia to be as interesting as them..

Ok, enough said. You get my point, right?

Who knows, maybe I'll try writing a script to a short film or drama and sell it to some producer.. But only if I wear the green hat first! ;)

- from the person who is now deprived of going to the cinema.. :p-

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