Friday, November 4, 2011

one week ago

He took his last breath around 6.30 pm in the presence of his daddy. He left us after 7 years of filling our lives with love and happiness. He was our first. He was the most loved. He shared our bed. He travelled with us. He had this look he'd give that told us how he felt. He `talked' to us.. able to communicate what he wanted and we'd always understand him. He was his daddy's son.. always sleeping on daddy's side, on daddy's hand.. Apart from me, he was my husband's soul mate.. ;)

The pain of losing a pet has never been so heightened when Woody went away.. It's hard for most people to understand how much one can love their pet. We learnt that we're capable of it.. Capable of even mourning over the death of our cat. We were left with this crushed heart and sudden emptiness and disbelief.. He was that constant being that made our lives richer who filled that void of not having a child of our own. He was our child.

But whatever we own in this world is just a loan.. One that will inevitably be taken back by God.. I'd like to believe that he was happy in his life with us. I hope we didn't wrong him and I hope we gave him enough.. I hope Allah forgives us for any sins we committed against him.. I hope we'll meet him again in the afterlife..

We buried him under a tree in the drizzling rain. We can see his grave from our house everytime we leave and come back to the apartment.. We still talk about him.. I think the other 5 miss him too but I think we miss him more..


Diana. Z said...

Ms Shereen!~

Im so sorry for your loss. So sad to hear that Woody passed away.

I feel sad too.

Be strong Ms. Shereen.

izyan.ariff said...


so sorry for your loss teacher.
im sure he got all the love he needs in those 7 years, insyaAllah. <3

Sher said...

Thank you girls.. Alhamdulillah the pain is bearable now :) He'll always remain in our hearts..

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