Thursday, September 15, 2011


Am sleeping quite normally, loving her even more each day and am scared most of the time.. Motherhood is not really what I imagined it to be.. haha

The everyday part of feeding and cleaning is fine I guess.. but now that she's here with us, I'm thinking of so many things already, like her future?

Ok, take things one day at a time. Still, I truly respect those mothers out there who have raised more than one child.. cuz with only one so far, my oh my.. it's a handful!

ps/ my favourite part: watching her sleep.. and when she looks at me straight in the eye :D


Anonymous said...

you'll do fine.
every day will be mother's day :)

Anonymous said...

i'm really happy for you teacher..
almost crying while reading your entry.. T_T
kiss her 4 me! (^_^)

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