Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 19

This post must be written in the speed of lightening before the little one wakes up.. ;)

I think I'm doing most things fast now - eg. eating, showering, etc.. all to fit around the timing of my baby.

Today I finally got round to reading some essays while at the corner of my eye, stealing looks at the sleepyhead.. My students are still in my thoughts.. :D

I suppose my worries and fears are slowly disappearing being replaced by some shred of confidence. Having family around is key.. my mom stayed the first few nights and did wonders with whipping up meals, giving baby a bath and also cleaning my fridge! She said I've always been `looking after' my students that I haven't had time to clear the fridge.. lol. Had to endure some nagging over the contents of my fridge.. (blushing)..

Now I'm kinda anticipating the part I have to leave her as I start back work in 2 weeks time.. :( This is why some people quit their jobs I suppose.. they want to be there full time.. But work I must and since having classes via email.. I now have dozens of essays to read.. Serves me right giving them essay tasks while I'm away..

ok.. is that you Khadeeja, calling Mama..?

till another post..

ps/ thinking of students far and near who are now in their own new world too.. hope life is looking up for all of you..


khadijah said...

teacher!! i miss you.. people here love to ask me "how are you doing" and every time I want to answer I always remembered that you said "don't ask i'm fine..use something else".. So, I'm feeling great will be the substitute for me now..hehe.. I hope that you are doing well in coping with the new "life".. I know you can do it and loving it very much..hehe..hope she will become a great daughter and muslimah,insya allah. Take care!!

lots of love from galway

izyan.ariff said...

and now here i am. finally :)
will start being the avid follower of this one beautiful mommy+teacher's blog. hehehe~~

khadeeja najwa. i cant get the name out of my head la teacher. ade aura~hehe

hope everything goes well.

one who thinks of you a lot,
dublin :)

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