Sunday, August 14, 2011


I heard this question over a radio channel about `How has your Ramadan progressed and what have you achieved?' People who called in said a lot of different things from waking up for prayers at night to buying less food at the Ramadan bazaars. I suppose for each individual it would be a different kind of progress for only that person knows what he has managed to accomplish. As we complete almost 14 days of Ramadan, and move halfway into Syawal, I aim to make this month a better one than before.. at least we try, right? Hope readers of this blog be the ones striving hard too =)

Things at the office have been progressing too I guess. It's been quite a tough semester so far.. work is mounting like never before.. Pretty challenging to deal with some emotions in this fasting month. But handle them we must.

Personally, my mental preparation of what's to come in the following month is also evolving into something more visible.. Yesterday was the first time we went out and bought stuff for the baby. I found it overwhelming since we went about it only thinking of the most basic items imaginable but were spoilt for choice as there were so many other things to consider as `basic'.. Of course we went with some advice.. But really.. there's just so much to think of for a little person! Another shopping spree (or maybe several) is in order.

I'm now torn between thinking of time I'll need to spend with the child and time I'll need to leave my students - at least for the first month. Hmm... should I opt for a career change?.. Maybe not that dramatic but I need to think of how I need to change some things. A class via video conferencing would be cool right? Can you imagine me holding a baby while talking to a class of students? ;)

Ok.. clearly, I may be getting a teensy bit stressed over what has not even arrived. But as the due date approaches I really am anticipating a lot of changes. Oh by the way, we know the gender now.. will reveal it when the baby arrives :D

ps/ thanking all for your well wishes and prayers.. keep praying for us :)

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