Friday, July 29, 2011


First off, the previous post was written in a moment of weakness :p
I happen to love being a woman. Not only cuz I won't get jeered for wearing pink, but also because I can still be girly even at the age of 40 - which is NOT my age, mind you. Plus the chances of entering Paradise for a woman is easy actually.. if only one knew..

Dari Abdurrahman bin Auf r.a.
bahawa Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda :
"Jika perempuan mengerjakan solat yang lima
puasa Ramadhannya , memelihara kehormatannya
dan taat kepada suaminya maka akan dikatakan kepadanya masuklah ke dalam syurga dari pintu yang mana saja engkau suka
Hadis riwayat Ahmad dan Thabarani

Because it is easier said than done, we falter in our efforts to do this.. But let us mend our ways and strive to always be better every day.

Happy Ramadhan everyone! May we receive blessings from Allah in this holy month and all good things that come from it this year.

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