Thursday, June 16, 2011

what colour are you?

Am once again surrounded by the chaos and craziness of my working world. And I haven't even started teaching yet!
One thing I often get to do when I'm at work is shop! There's always something for everybody whenever someone starts selling. In my defense, it saves me time from having to go to a shop myself.. and if i can get quality goods at affordable prices (pay 2,3 times.. haha), why not?

Today it was batik.
And being around colleagues who watch what we wear day in and day out.. everyone seems to know what colour would suit which person. I was no exception..

Once again, I didn't surprise anyone and chose material with the same colour I always choose. Which got strong reactions from my dear observant friends. So, I decided to try listening to everybody's protests and tried hard to find something that wasn't me. I wanted to embrace the challenge of wearing something different. Getting out of my comfort zone. But then I wondered, why would I want to be not me? Oh it's because of those cliche lines be bold, be adventurous!

I took their advice and went home with two different coloured cloths and now I think I don't like either of them. :p

Moral of the story? Don't listen to anyone but yourself? Just be same old boring you? I seriously don't know sometimes..

Anyway, I haven't paid for them yet.. so maybe tomorrow I can exchange them with someone who took a piece of material I liked...

And that's the beauty of buying stuff at work :D

ps/ Can you guess/ remember what colour(s) I often wear?


Mustafa Farhan said...

let me guess.. green?? betul ke?

Sher said...

nooooo.. i guess 1 year of knowing me is not enough to remember.. ;)

AxL Farhan said...

emmm somewhat orange..kinda browny a bit..the middle of brown and orange..true? or perhaps the mix colour of like yellow and orange?? :-p

Sher said...

Che, that's correct- orangy browny yellowy shades.. haha.. but the ones I wear MOST are.. still not guessed correctly.. :D

Anonymous said...


Sher said...

no anonymous.. that's not it.. I don't have much blue.. :)

Sher said...

if anybody's reading: it's pink- many shades of it.. :)