Thursday, June 2, 2011

sista in the house

Every school holiday the only little sister I have invites herself to stay ;)
And I in turn get to become the doting sister.. well kindof, and spend time with her by:

1) cooking a lot of western food (cuz that's all she likes to eat)
2) letting her play with the cats
3) going to the gym or swimming together. though I sit out on the swimming and instead, just read next to the pool
4) taking her out to watch a movie
5) giving a lot of sisterly advice (believe me she still needs it!)
6) getting into `cat-fights'..

No. 6 is a MUST. :p
As adults over 30, you'd think that would be over and done with. But sadly it still happens. I have learnt to stop being the childish one.. but seriously, it's not easy to not want to get into some sort of argument..

Please let me be the nice sister with her around dear God. You know I love her - that's why I'm mean to her.. ;D


aimirokis said...

like like like!!!
especially no. 6

Sher said...

Haha.. Aimi.. you too!? ;)

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