Thursday, June 30, 2011

a note before midnight

It's the end of June.. soon it will be July - my favourite month ;)
Significant things are happening in July. Results. Decisions to be made. New students, new class, new people to break my heart..

Anyway, it didn't work. My time off. Remind me not to have any time off from the world wide web cuz it'll never work. Can't be separated.

Today was not a good day. I need to get my eyes checked cuz my lack of power which I never knew, is giving me terrible headaches and I couldn't see the writing on the mahjong papers my students presented today :( and my power is already 600!! :((

Ok.. gotta go battle with my cat and shove a pill down her throat. Please cooperate.

If you're interested:

goodnight readers of my blog..


Sher said...

is it really right to say `my power'? lol

Diana. Z said...

Salam Ms. Shereen!

Please don't say 'new people to break my heart'.. it breaks my heart reading you saying that. Aww.. ms. shereen. I love you soo much!~ I wish i could really be there if give you a good hug and all the love i have. I really miss you.

Hope to see you soon. :)

Sher said...

Dear Di,
`break my heart' can be seen both ways actually.. hehe.. Don't worry, it's part and parcel of teaching. Which has probably made me an `expert' in "feeling" too much now.. haha.. Miss you too! XOXO

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