Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Am very well aware that I am getting older. Not cuz my birthday..ahem, is looming in a few weeks time. There have been signs, I think. One of it could be cuz I tend to wanna hear Lite fm these days instead of Hitz. `Loud' music makes me stressed on some days. Or the fact that I'm not losing weight as easy as I did 2 years ago.. ? (despite the regular treadmill sessions..) Yet I often stand my ground and declare that I am still in my "youthful years".

I shouldn't really be in denial. Growing old is inevitable and so is death. Our journey to death actually begins the minute we were born. The day of our death was written on the day we were born. We just don't know when it is. But we can surely prepare for a good afterlife starting from now.

Two things I thought about today made me think of life and death even more:

1) I recently registered my name for Hajj. I don't know why I never did it earlier. If I live long enough I'll go in 2040! Where I'll be over 60.. about the age my parents went. If God grants me good health and a longer life, I may live to go in that assigned year. Or if I acquire wealth and prosperity.. i might just go earlier.. I hope it is the latter.

2) My sister who's a year older than me is about to deliver her 4th child as we speak, and I'm still stuck with 6 cats and age and who knows maybe death, creeping up on me.

I hope I'm not sounding like I'm complaining. I happen to love my life now and am thankful to God for everything I have. It's just that when you look into the future you set in your mind, you do have to stop for a while and wonder if you'll ever get there and what are you gonna do about getting it...

Growing up is never easy.. Even when you're already `grown up'!


-mfr5071- said...

2040?? parents x register lg rasanya.

Sher said...

yeah.. i know... go register now! :)

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