Thursday, June 30, 2011

a note before midnight

It's the end of June.. soon it will be July - my favourite month ;)
Significant things are happening in July. Results. Decisions to be made. New students, new class, new people to break my heart..

Anyway, it didn't work. My time off. Remind me not to have any time off from the world wide web cuz it'll never work. Can't be separated.

Today was not a good day. I need to get my eyes checked cuz my lack of power which I never knew, is giving me terrible headaches and I couldn't see the writing on the mahjong papers my students presented today :( and my power is already 600!! :((

Ok.. gotta go battle with my cat and shove a pill down her throat. Please cooperate.

If you're interested:

goodnight readers of my blog..

Saturday, June 25, 2011

time off

I think I need some time off all things internet for a while. I know.. I've said this before.
I love it, don't get me wrong. It started with having an email account. That was when I was in Uni! Talk about starting late.. Then.. we learnt how to chat online. Then.. facebook I think which I have been immersing myself in since the past 2, 3 ? years.., blogger, twitter (lately hv started to be a little active), whatsapp, viber (rarely use it but have it), tumblr -my latest craze - did you know I write there too?! Haiya... So many already....

For some unexplainable reason I think I have to stop. At least for a week. And get myself immersed in other things.. (which are plenty...)

Somehow feel I'm neglecting other parts in my life..

After all, too much of something may not be a good thing.. right?

Maybe I'll just visit tumblr.. who knows.. :P


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Am very well aware that I am getting older. Not cuz my birthday..ahem, is looming in a few weeks time. There have been signs, I think. One of it could be cuz I tend to wanna hear Lite fm these days instead of Hitz. `Loud' music makes me stressed on some days. Or the fact that I'm not losing weight as easy as I did 2 years ago.. ? (despite the regular treadmill sessions..) Yet I often stand my ground and declare that I am still in my "youthful years".

I shouldn't really be in denial. Growing old is inevitable and so is death. Our journey to death actually begins the minute we were born. The day of our death was written on the day we were born. We just don't know when it is. But we can surely prepare for a good afterlife starting from now.

Two things I thought about today made me think of life and death even more:

1) I recently registered my name for Hajj. I don't know why I never did it earlier. If I live long enough I'll go in 2040! Where I'll be over 60.. about the age my parents went. If God grants me good health and a longer life, I may live to go in that assigned year. Or if I acquire wealth and prosperity.. i might just go earlier.. I hope it is the latter.

2) My sister who's a year older than me is about to deliver her 4th child as we speak, and I'm still stuck with 6 cats and age and who knows maybe death, creeping up on me.

I hope I'm not sounding like I'm complaining. I happen to love my life now and am thankful to God for everything I have. It's just that when you look into the future you set in your mind, you do have to stop for a while and wonder if you'll ever get there and what are you gonna do about getting it...

Growing up is never easy.. Even when you're already `grown up'!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

what colour are you?

Am once again surrounded by the chaos and craziness of my working world. And I haven't even started teaching yet!
One thing I often get to do when I'm at work is shop! There's always something for everybody whenever someone starts selling. In my defense, it saves me time from having to go to a shop myself.. and if i can get quality goods at affordable prices (pay 2,3 times.. haha), why not?

Today it was batik.
And being around colleagues who watch what we wear day in and day out.. everyone seems to know what colour would suit which person. I was no exception..

Once again, I didn't surprise anyone and chose material with the same colour I always choose. Which got strong reactions from my dear observant friends. So, I decided to try listening to everybody's protests and tried hard to find something that wasn't me. I wanted to embrace the challenge of wearing something different. Getting out of my comfort zone. But then I wondered, why would I want to be not me? Oh it's because of those cliche lines be bold, be adventurous!

I took their advice and went home with two different coloured cloths and now I think I don't like either of them. :p

Moral of the story? Don't listen to anyone but yourself? Just be same old boring you? I seriously don't know sometimes..

Anyway, I haven't paid for them yet.. so maybe tomorrow I can exchange them with someone who took a piece of material I liked...

And that's the beauty of buying stuff at work :D

ps/ Can you guess/ remember what colour(s) I often wear?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

a sight for sore eyes

Seven years ago we made a decision that changed our lives.
My husband and I took in (bought) a 2 month old cat (from Penang) who at that time was a tiny one and could fit into my husband's pocket shirt. We named him Woody because of his colour and we never looked back. Since then we've breeded 10 of Woody's offsprings and 5 grandchildren.
After several deaths, a disappearance and some giving away, only 6 remain with us.

And they are indeed a sight for sore eyes, a source of comfort and joy and above all, our children.

Can't imagine life without them.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

sista in the house

Every school holiday the only little sister I have invites herself to stay ;)
And I in turn get to become the doting sister.. well kindof, and spend time with her by:

1) cooking a lot of western food (cuz that's all she likes to eat)
2) letting her play with the cats
3) going to the gym or swimming together. though I sit out on the swimming and instead, just read next to the pool
4) taking her out to watch a movie
5) giving a lot of sisterly advice (believe me she still needs it!)
6) getting into `cat-fights'..

No. 6 is a MUST. :p
As adults over 30, you'd think that would be over and done with. But sadly it still happens. I have learnt to stop being the childish one.. but seriously, it's not easy to not want to get into some sort of argument..

Please let me be the nice sister with her around dear God. You know I love her - that's why I'm mean to her.. ;D

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