Sunday, May 8, 2011

motherly me?

When I was in uni we'd all like to imagine who'd get married first, how our children would look like and even behave! Was funny really.
The nice and tidy among us would get neat and well mannered kids, the not so neat would get messy but cute ones.. Things like that..
I was the one who everyone imagined as the motherly one.. Others, the diva, the disciplinarian, the outgoing one.. Maybe we were at that right age to predict ourselves, so it's no wonder that most of what we imagined came true.
My dear friends are all mothers now. If not to their own offsprings, to hundreds of kids they call students. Like me.
I don't really know how to be a mother but some people think of me that way so I guess I must be doing something along the lines of one.. ;) Thank you. I hope when the actual time comes for me I can be a good one.
Happy Mothers Day!

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