Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vampire Diaries

This post is dedicated to this series.

I blame a certain someone for getting me hooked on it - you know who you are :)

If I was a student I'd write an essay on it for my paper 2 or maybe even an EE.. haha.

I call myself crazy getting all obsessed like a young girl over characters on TV. This would be me maybe 15 years ago.. but I guess, age is just a number.

That's the thing about reality and fantasy. You can bury yourself into a world that does not exist and get all inspired and moved by it. People call that a good story. Kudos to the writers ;)

I do know of a certain someone who relishes fantasy stories and reads them religiously. That person said it's better than having to face all the depressing things in this world..

But face it you must.. and after watching 3 episodes in a row just now I had to stop myself from going overboard and pretending I have nothing else to do.. :p

So I will go back to my life now and live it. And later when I'm free.. continue watching and crying over the rest of the season.. :D

ps/ I still love Stefan even though Damon is cute and.. hot! - a statement made by a younger me.. ;)

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