Tuesday, May 17, 2011

bertemu dan berpisah

It is probably the most thought about thought in most students mind right now. And teachers too. Which is why I'm writing about it obviously..

The day is looming and approaching and there's nothing we can do about it. It's funny cuz as much as I'm preparing to say goodbye, I'm also busy preparing for the new semester beginning in June. And for the new students to come..

The cycle goes on. Students enter our lives and go, replaced by new faces, new characters. But do you wanna know something? When those dear students of mine leave, their `spirit' actually remains, floating around.. and sometimes, if you're lucky, when you least expect it, you get to see them in the faces of others.... Creepy but true ;)

Oh crap, I'm gonna miss everyone terribly..


aimirokis said...

teacher!! the video was soo sweet!!! we love it!

Mustafa Farhan said...

i wonder on which faces i would appear after this. heheh.

Sher said...

Aimi, the video was made with love :)
Paan, if I `see' you I'll be sure to tell you ;)

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