Monday, May 23, 2011

Allah knows best

There are some days like today that I begin to wonder why things turn out a certain way..
When I start looking around me and realising things I'm missing out on..

It's so easy for me to just go and sulk in a corner, like a kid who doesn't get what she wants..

Luckily I'm not.. sulking that is. Or maybe I am, in my own sad way.. like writing in here..

Maybe it's cuz I'm a grown up (who sometimes doesn't feel so grown up being around a bunch of kids at work.. hehe..), and so I suck it all in and put on a brave facade.

To be honest it's tiring sometimes. To try to look OK. But I have to. At least for my own sake. And maybe for others too..

What keeps me sane is having faith in God and knowing that Allah knows best and what is good for his servants..

May I always be reminded of that.

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