Saturday, April 23, 2011


Ever had your love rejected? Or maybe just your affections?
Story of my life.. Haha. cliche.
But yes, it's not the best feeling in the world to go through.
You begin questioning.. what's wrong with me? am I that bad? why can't you love me?

Inevitable. You'll face it some point in your life. Or at many points in your life.
This week alone I witnessed several.. either it was a research question, a personal statement, an idea... Sorry, not much love stories I know of are going round around me to include here.. ;)

Since an idea I had, a brilliant one I might say, got rejected.. this post has sprung to life..

What more can I say, people have their own perspectives.. To one person (or many in this case) it may have been a good idea, but when you start dissecting it into small pieces and looking at the bigger picture.. poof! there goes your great idea.. torn to pieces.. Ok, being melodramatic..

Anyway, I have to admit. It may have seemed a bit too much, but it was all in good cause.. all in good cause.. To be honest, I surprised myself coming up with it but you know what.. it's good to surprise yourself once in a while.. It's refreshing!

So moral of the story: once rejected, despite how much it stings or hurts you, pick yourself up and think of Plan B! Don't let people get you down.. but also, listen to others' point of view for what we deem good may not be that good after all..


aimirokis said...

salam teacher.
i miss your stories during class... =,(

Sher said...

Aimi!! I miss being in class with you all..:( Hope you're doing ok with your studies..

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