Thursday, April 28, 2011

here we go again..

Today was cupcake day.
It was a day of excitement over looking at your name on a cupcake :)
A heartwarming day to be able to put a smile on students' faces.

It was also a day that passed by with a heavy heart.
Since it was the last day to stand in front of a `class' and give our `last' piece of advice.

Every time.
This happens every time.
And you'd think you'd get used to it.

You never really do.

I guess this is where the expression missing you already comes in.. :p


Leng Chai said...

waow... time sure flies....
it has been a year since i had the cupcake day...

Azmir Seed Fakkri said...

where's the like button?haha

Sher said...


hanif said...


Oh, how time moves very fast!

Thanks teacher..
Thank you, a hundred thousand million times..!


Sher said...

Hanif! why aren't you blogging anymore..?