Saturday, April 16, 2011

count your blessings

I was told last week how lucky I was that I could afford a `leisurely' weekend to myself.
In response I told the person that I was as busy as other people during weekends - with or without kids to look after.

Somebody told me this week how she envied people's success.
In response I asked her - how do you measure `success'? Cuz I sometimes look at other people's life as being more `successful' than mine as they possess the one thing I still don't have. Kids.

Then the phrase life is not fair came to mind.
Which made me reflect that life is fair because God is fair.

God may not grant you things that other people have (and that you want), but He replaces it with other things in your life that are as equally good. This could be anything.

So people should just count their blessings and not complain too much.. right?

In actual fact that's not what most people end up doing.. and so.. they grumble and moan about their life.

So what should be done really is to work for what we want and pray that God will grant us our wish..

At the end of the day if you still don't get what you want.. maybe it's not what you need..(yet) and surely Allah knows best..

(my blessings: loving husband, living parents, my apartment, 6 fluffy cats, my health, sanity, a job that I love, friends, relatives & students who care about me.... and the list goes on.. thank you Allah)


Azmir Seed Fakkri said...

yup.we make the choices and let God make the decision for us

Diana. Z said...

Ms Shereen, if i was there.. i would give you a huge cuddly hug right now.

Keep on the faith. <3

Mustafa Farhan said...

lets start appreciating!

Sher said...

:) Jom!

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