Friday, March 11, 2011

leaving on a jet plane

Will embark on a journey to a different continent in less than 24 hours from now..
Want to write something `wow' here but packing my small suitcase and worrying about whether I'm gonna be carrying too much (or too little) has made me exhausted.. Packing sure is a chore..

Am also paranoid that I will leave something behind..

I guess going away for a few days does that to someone..

The cats will be missed of course. One tried to get packed with my belongings as he sat in the suitcase.. cute.. I suppose they sense that we'll be leaving them behind..

As usual, one of the must have's to be packed with my essentials is a story book. It should keep me company on my 8 hour flight.. I have chosen The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. A book I bought last year but never got round to reading.. I tend to read more on holidays as compared to my normal working days. But wait. I'm not going on a holiday.. This is more like a business trip..
Anyhoo.. will pretend that I'm on a holiday anyway and try and take in the new sights and sounds to my best capability... (after the 8.30-4.30 workshop..) and even if shops mostly close at 5.. :p

Pray for my safe journey there and my return.. Maybe I'll have stories to share when i get back InsyaAllah..

ps/ don't miss me too much ;)


-mfr5071- said...

enjoy the trip teacher. no need to pretend, it just 1/3 of your day, you have another 2/3.

spot some nice place so that you can suggest some to me this july. *ameen..

Mustafa Farhan said...

have a great journey teacher!


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