Saturday, March 26, 2011

happy endings

At the age that I am, I am well aware that life is not made up of happy endings all the way.
You get your spectrum of moments and that is life as it is.

But when reading a book or watching a movie..., what I want to see is a happy ending.

And when I get to the end of a story I thought would give me an ending it deserved - especially after going through the ups and downs of a character.. it just upsets me that someone has to die or that the ending falls far from my expectations..

Just had that moment with a book I finally finished - `Never Let Me Go' - ok the title maybe should've given me a clue of it's possible ending.. But still..

Kazuo Ishiguro (the author) writes beautifully. His strength lies in his ability to describe events with such detail. The plot is fascinating.. though I kinda only got it almost towards the end of the story- that the children in it were `clones'.. or `designed' to be used as donors.. It didn't emphasize that explicitly in the novel but instead, Ishiguro focused more on the memories of these kids at the school they were placed..

Anyway, basically, the ending was kinda sad and left me wanting more.

Maybe if I watch the movie it'll give me a better sense of closure to the story.
Or maybe I should just accept the fact that not all stories end with a happy ever after.
Just like life.

ps/ There is an `ever after' -after death that is, in our after life.. Let's all work at making it a happy ever after.. for life will be eternal there..


Diana. Z said...

Yes Ms Shereen!~ Lets work toward to the eternal happy ending. :)

Thanks for your support Ms Shereen!~ i felt like a slump the other day.

Feeling much more better now.

<3 u!~~

nothing substantial said...

there are many views on this conception of "happy ending".

believe it or not, those who have faith in "happy ending", even when there is no reason to, would often find it someday.

being realistic can sometimes be self defeating. i for one, have learned it the hard way.

"heavens are made so that we can learn to hope for something beyond our grasp"

Sher said...

Heaven exists alright.. we just have to work hard to make sure we get a place there..

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