Monday, February 21, 2011

oh crap!

Did the title catch your attention? ;)

Was going through a list of words today in class that could or could not be used when writing an essay.. words like shit, the f-word, the h-word, the b-word, the a-word... you get the drift..

For that particular essay question we were discussing, the answer scheme said that some insulting language could be used (due to being angry at a friend who read your diary- a kinda silly question I think.. hehe). Coarse language was NOT allowed..

Even after kinda laying the ground rules to my students of what was insulting and coarse, I still feel that phrases like `you pissed me off' is not really apt to be used in an essay.. Yeah, you're mad at your friend.. and English is rich with words.. so.. why not use I'm peeved, annoyed, irritated, riled and a more formal one displeased..

That's just for the p-word.. for the others listed above, well.. can't think of alternatives except for bugger off maybe? or you're a pain in the neck.. or you're a jerk.. Anything suitable as long as it doesn't sound so offensive and hurtful..

This is coming from someone who probably only says the s-word (God forgive me), but only in certain calamities.. and nothing more.. Can't swear really. I don't understand why people need to do it. Does the message really cut across more clearly when you swear as compared to if you don't? Or do people do it only to make them feel better?

Anyway.. this post just stems from my love for the language and to encourage you people reading this to always vary your words to suit the right context.. At the same time to also instigate a NO SWEARING motto.. for really, words, they cut like a knife!

Bahasa mencerminkan kebudayaan penuturnya..

So let's be careful of the words we use ok peeps?

Berkatalah yang baik atau diam sahaja.


AxL Farhan said...

I remembered when I stopped swearing. Once the s-word kinda slipped out of my mouth and the person right in front of me (girl some more) said that rather than using the s-word, why not use a more Muslim-like word such as Astahgfirullahal azim. So I trained myself to do so and Alhamdulillah it works well, and the result is, I don't get angry easily.

Sher said...

Alhamdulillah.. Good for you Che!! :)

Leng Chai said...

oh the S-word is for penegasan. hahaha

Mustafa Farhan said...

I used to swear for quite a time in my high school. Until a point when I realize how bad and improper it is to use those words. it makes me feels bad when i say it. seriously it dosen't makes someone "cooler" and more matured when they shout the f-words together with the signals.haha

Sher said...

exactly! :)

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