Wednesday, February 16, 2011

an `off' day

Today has not been one of my best days.
So many things went wrong.
From my journey to college, the time at college and on my way back.. :(
I guess everyone has their `off' days, right?


Highlights of today:

Completing the first leg of the oral test with 10 students ;)
Listening to a talk in the surau and laughing at the Ustaz's joke :D

Coming back to a house full of fluffy cats and a dear husband :)

I thank Allah for the blessings he has granted me.
For truly all good things come from Him and all bad things from my own self..

ps/ message from the Ustaz: lessen your love for dunia..

May Allah always guide us and may we not forget Him..


Diana. Z said...


Nak ur adress... msg me on fb?
Read that you had a tough day... i hope it would be fine soon.

Im missing like crazy,
but i think its okay.

I miss you a lot!~ Like, a lot!~ I just went to a lecture class title : introduction to Academic Research & Writing Skills... and it soooo totally reminded me of you.

Waa!~ I miss you!

You did great teaching me and other ms. shereen. The basics is definitely grounded in us.

Thank you!~
<3 u, see ya around. :)

Sher said...

Di!! Will write to you soon ok? Glad you're doing ok there.. that you're still learning English!! ;) May it always be your `favourite' subject.. :D

*Farahouri~ said...

a good thot..insyaallah ;)

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