Sunday, February 6, 2011

dream a little dream

Have you ever woken up from a really vivid dream?
One that you thought was real?
It's amazing how we dream right?
I mean, so many things we never imagined possible happens in it sometimes.
Of course there are dreams we forget completely the moment we wake up and then suddenly we `experience' it somehow in a sort of dejavu moment..

I sometimes wonder why I dream certain dreams. What does it mean? Was it trying to tell me something?
I once read a book about dreams and there are interpretations of course. One like if you dream about water = murah rezeki.. The most common one people know - when a snake bites you = someone's going to propose!

Some dreams are because of what you are thinking subconsciously.. Hmm..

Some dreams are supposed to be the opposite of what will really happen..

People say if you remember it = you had a deep sleep.. and those you forget = well, not a deep sleep then

I guess it could mean something in the end if you often dream of certain places or people.. It's probably something embedded in you that's clinging on to a memory or a time that once was and turns up in your dream in wierd ways..

Oh well.. better than having nightmares.. any dream that is good is welcome in my sleep! ;)

ps/ to avoid nightmares, wash your feet before you go to bed!


Anonymous said...

how if we not just wash our feet. wash the others too. i mean start with niat, wash ur face, wash ur hands till elbow, wash small part of your head, and lastly wash our feet.=)

not just avoid nightmare, dpt hidupkan sunnah juga. peace=)

Sher said...

Much much better advice, Alhamdulillah.. thank you anonymous! =)

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