Monday, February 21, 2011

oh crap!

Did the title catch your attention? ;)

Was going through a list of words today in class that could or could not be used when writing an essay.. words like shit, the f-word, the h-word, the b-word, the a-word... you get the drift..

For that particular essay question we were discussing, the answer scheme said that some insulting language could be used (due to being angry at a friend who read your diary- a kinda silly question I think.. hehe). Coarse language was NOT allowed..

Even after kinda laying the ground rules to my students of what was insulting and coarse, I still feel that phrases like `you pissed me off' is not really apt to be used in an essay.. Yeah, you're mad at your friend.. and English is rich with words.. so.. why not use I'm peeved, annoyed, irritated, riled and a more formal one displeased..

That's just for the p-word.. for the others listed above, well.. can't think of alternatives except for bugger off maybe? or you're a pain in the neck.. or you're a jerk.. Anything suitable as long as it doesn't sound so offensive and hurtful..

This is coming from someone who probably only says the s-word (God forgive me), but only in certain calamities.. and nothing more.. Can't swear really. I don't understand why people need to do it. Does the message really cut across more clearly when you swear as compared to if you don't? Or do people do it only to make them feel better?

Anyway.. this post just stems from my love for the language and to encourage you people reading this to always vary your words to suit the right context.. At the same time to also instigate a NO SWEARING motto.. for really, words, they cut like a knife!

Bahasa mencerminkan kebudayaan penuturnya..

So let's be careful of the words we use ok peeps?

Berkatalah yang baik atau diam sahaja.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

an `off' day

Today has not been one of my best days.
So many things went wrong.
From my journey to college, the time at college and on my way back.. :(
I guess everyone has their `off' days, right?


Highlights of today:

Completing the first leg of the oral test with 10 students ;)
Listening to a talk in the surau and laughing at the Ustaz's joke :D

Coming back to a house full of fluffy cats and a dear husband :)

I thank Allah for the blessings he has granted me.
For truly all good things come from Him and all bad things from my own self..

ps/ message from the Ustaz: lessen your love for dunia..

May Allah always guide us and may we not forget Him..

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I wanna hold your hand

By now, if you've been following my reflections in this really average (maybe even boring) blog of mine, you may have come to realise how much I write about teaching.
Why wouldn't I since it's my life. In fact most of my life in a year is poured into it..
To a point that all I think of is students sometimes.. (does that make me sad?)
Maybe it's cuz I have no children of my own and so the poor souls at school (read:students) have to bear with my slightly emo + preachy + nagging + smothering (maybe) persona I adopt when it fits my mood. Most of the time I'm really just nice to them all. I think.

And that's when sometimes I take a step back and wonder if I'm doing the right thing. I mean being nice and all that.
I know of some teachers who have a `couldn't care less' attitude to students.. Ok, that sounds bad. More like, `you should know what to do and be more responsible so I don't need to check on you every now and then' attitude..

I AM like that too when the occasion arises.

But most of the time I'm that `other' kind of teacher. The one who worries just a wee bit more. The one who lets go of them with difficulty when they all leave the college. The one who wants to be their friend and have coffee or lunch together. The one who wants to be their `saviour'. The one who wants to hold their hand.

(Do you think they know this?)

Really, I should stop and let them learn to defend for themselves. For when they go out into the real world they won't have me there to be a constant reminder. I will no longer be needed anymore and be forgotten eventually as they get caught up in leading their own lives..

But yet I know that some relationships last even after everyone says goodbye and I become once more the person who dispenses advice.. only maybe less than before.. (cuz by then we have `graduated' to a lesser teacher-student relationship)

In short, I think what this is, is.. and I may have realised this all along but never said it out loud.. that as much as they all probably needed me once upon a time ago, I actually needed them too.. and still do sometimes ;)

the time is near for me to let go.. for yet another batch will be saying their goodbyes soon.. :(

Monday, February 7, 2011


Today, I saw you walking the corridors of yesterday.
Today, a smile reminded me of you.
Today, an image of you appeared in another.
Today, took me back in time.
Today, I thought of you.

Tomorrow, a memory.
Tomorrow, I will forget.
Tomorrow, a new day.

But one day,
you'll come floating back
and once more,
be remembered

Sunday, February 6, 2011

dream a little dream

Have you ever woken up from a really vivid dream?
One that you thought was real?
It's amazing how we dream right?
I mean, so many things we never imagined possible happens in it sometimes.
Of course there are dreams we forget completely the moment we wake up and then suddenly we `experience' it somehow in a sort of dejavu moment..

I sometimes wonder why I dream certain dreams. What does it mean? Was it trying to tell me something?
I once read a book about dreams and there are interpretations of course. One like if you dream about water = murah rezeki.. The most common one people know - when a snake bites you = someone's going to propose!

Some dreams are because of what you are thinking subconsciously.. Hmm..

Some dreams are supposed to be the opposite of what will really happen..

People say if you remember it = you had a deep sleep.. and those you forget = well, not a deep sleep then

I guess it could mean something in the end if you often dream of certain places or people.. It's probably something embedded in you that's clinging on to a memory or a time that once was and turns up in your dream in wierd ways..

Oh well.. better than having nightmares.. any dream that is good is welcome in my sleep! ;)

ps/ to avoid nightmares, wash your feet before you go to bed!

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