Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Apart from treading through heavy rain on my way back from work and getting caught in a little jam.. it feels good to be back at kay em bee :D
Of course the hols was needed, but what I need too in my life is to be among students and.. work!
Makes life more meaningful.

Though I know what's coming in the next few months - chaos and craziness.. but well, that's just what my life entails.. so, face it we must..

God please let us all go through these next few months with endurance, perseverance, patience, diligence, confidence and with your blessings... and with a sane mind too!


AxL Farhan said...

that last part is the one needed the most..keep being sane! HAHA!!

Sher said...

hehehe.. yep. ;) Tell me if you start going insane.. :p

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