Thursday, January 13, 2011

when stuck in a jam

After taking me almost 2 hrs to reach home just now it got me thinking that in the future I should come prepared for jams by ..

1. Always having food in the car @ in my handbag.. At least water.
2. Compiling a cd of 'songs to listen to in a jam' and singing out loud to it - esp when alone OR much better.. Listen to Quranic verses or nasyid to stay calm.. =)
3. Smiling and maybe laughing in the car, even if alone, to alleviate stress..
4. Being bold to switch lanes when the lane am on is not moving due to other cars from the 'non-existing' lane that keep cutting in
5. Anticipating a jam and performing prayers BEFORE embarking on my journey..
6. Mastering the skill of using my handphone to call, SMS or go on facebook.. :p

4 out of 6. Will be better prepared next time Insya Allah..

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