Monday, January 17, 2011

the house with no curtains

I never fail to take a glance at this big white house I pass by on my way back home.
As the house comes into view, the obvious thing one can see is the enormous living room with big windows surrounding it and no curtains.
The first time I saw it all it had in the living room was a big TV and a couch. That's all.
No cupboards, no decorations. Nothing else.
Come to think of it, I have also never ever seen people in that house.. hmm..

Anyway, I don't know why this has fascinated me but I never fail to look at the house every time I pass it, often to check that it still has no curtains.. or sometimes expecting that it would one day. It bugs me actually that the person living there is not worried of people peering into his house and seeing what he does. Ok, maybe part of the wall surrounding the house obscures part of the view.. but still..

This is not far from how we lead our lives these days. Since the creation of a certain social networking site, millions of people own `windows with no curtains'.. including me I guess. We allow people to take a peep at our life. And we do this consciously or unconsciously.. People actually want to take a look into others "windows".. even those they're not so close with..

It's not so bad I guess if you look at it positively- you get closer to family and friends (and teachers and students) esp those living far away. Some IT savvy parents whose children are studying overseas rely on it to be updated on the going ons in their child's life (i think that's cool..)

However, it can be pretty overwhelming when you are faced with all this `openness' in life. I say this for myself as well as I worry sometimes of the extent of what we share.. Whether it is appropriate or not. Because we may not realize that we're revealing things we shouldn't..

All in all, I think moderation is the key. Not all needs to be put out there for viewing and not all needs to be said out in the open too.. And it doesn't mean that when technology makes things easier for us, we should succumb to the need to spill out all that we feel and think and thus end up becoming targets of ridicule or even losing our dignity. Nauzubillah..

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