Sunday, January 23, 2011


Sad songs are supposed to be accompanied by sad feelings.

How can a sad song make you happy then?

Even happy songs can in turn make you sad..

The thing is, life does not present itself in black and white most of the time.

There’s always that grey area in between..

If a person goes about life seeing only 2 spectrums, they’d be limiting their views.

But of course.. there’s wrong and right = sinful or not sinful..

If you can’t differentiate between those two, well.. then life may be screwed for you.. (pardon my `French’..)

Bottom line is there must always be guidance in one's life. Religion gives us that. But there’s also those other areas in life that fall between black and white.. – the greys..

And for that, thinking wisely before taking certain actions or reacting to a situation is vital. Being open and aware of those grey parts might be useful when the occasion arises..

So you can be happy till you feel like crying.

And you can also have your heart torn apart but still keep smiling.


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