Friday, August 27, 2010

Do you believe in miracles?

I was asked that question just now by a friend who was waiting anxiously for her husband to wake up from a coma.
At that time he had been unconscious for almost 24 hours.
With a blood clot in his head and some broken ribs and bones one cannot really say..
Doctors said not to put on any hopes. They also DIDN'T say he had no hope and neither did they say that there was.. Tricky situation.
I answered, `Yes, they can happen'. God willing.

Everyone dreads losing the one you love. I must admit it crosses my mind. Not because I want it to happen. But more because I am afraid of if it happens and also because you don't know how/when it will happen.
I wrote about death before in here and so am not trying to repeat myself .. Yet I believe deep down everyone knows it will happen to them one day. It's just that not knowing when is what scares you most. Or maybe, knowing when, can also scare you.

I can't stop thinking about what my friend was saying just now in between her tears (and mine too..). Her sorrow became mine for a while and made me at a loss for words. I ended up with the cliche lines: `be strong', `pray hard', `say Allah's name a lot'.. (zikir).. I somehow wished I could have been more varied in my choice of words.

It is not really easy to comfort people or offer words of solace. But I believe that at times like that just being there could be comfort itself. Giving a hug or even just listening and nodding could also be enough.

I pray that God will ease the suffering she is going through and give her the strength to go through this difficult time in her life. May this holy month serve as a blessing for her troubles and give her miracles. Amin..

Sunday, August 22, 2010

after 4 days

4 days was all it could take me to stay away from facebook. I should have gone cold turkey for 7 days.. So, I cheated.
I finally succumbed to my need to log in after realizing that there were people I couldn't get hold of without fb.. Which meant that the usual mode of communication - the handphone- was not so reliable in some cases..

What I observed of myself in the 4 days:

1. I was thinking about it everyday
2. I was listening to `facebook conversations' from others around me.. not because I wanted to but that's what almost everyone around me were doing
3. In my free time (that was usually used to go on fb): a) I played games on my mobile - i RARELY do this, b) I did housework I'd normally put off till later.. (bad..), c) I got to sit down and focus on hubby/myself/ the house/the cats/ life..
4. I was also worried cuz I couldn't send messages/ wished ppl birthdays cuz i wasn't online..

Conclusion: I am an avid user. (a positive word than `addict')

The question is : do I really need to be there everyday? The answer: No.

After 4 days, i received 53 notifications, 4 messages and 1 friend request. All in which DID NOT need to be read so urgently or responded to promptly.. (mostly were comments on a picture one of my students had tagged me that ended with a series of comments by others..) But I felt almost `left out' not being able to be there and read about others' life.. This makes me wonder if that's so bad?

When I finally went in I spent almost 2 hours responding and `catching up' on things.. See where the time goes when your wrapped up in it? But maybe that is equivalent to spending 30 minutes on it per day.. which I do do I guess..

Anyway.. I still want to try to keep my `distance' away from it. Only because I don't want to end up feeling so compelled to check it every now and then.. Am sure there's more to life than wanting to update your status or pics or read up on what people are doing.

It would be nice to just call up someone too and chat instead of only reading about them on fb.. Who says we have to follow all the trends in life? Sometimes going old school is also enough.. i think.. ;)

But society seems to say that it's not enough in this day and age.. Go figure.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

let's try this out

I'd like to try and stay away from facebook for a week (or more) starting today. Will be `observing' myself to see what I do when I'm not online.. That should include ym too I guess.
For a change I'd like to live my life without that `force' in my life..

Sunday, August 15, 2010

the dominating force in our life..

This week ain't over yet but I suppose as far as it has gone by, the highlights so far seem to be in the moments spent in good company..
If you have good food, there's no better way of sharing it but with those who matter. It is cliche, yes, but it is a well known fact that breaking your fast is way much fun when you get to gather with family and friends.
Was blessed to have those moments this week once with friends and just last night with family and relatives.. As the saying goes, `the more the merrier'.. and indeed they were merry.. :)

A funny thing I observed was after prayers we (me and my cousins) got to chatting and the conversations kept ending up with us comparing features on our phones.. what to install (iphone users.. hehe), how to play them, how do we do video calling and so on..
Kinda sad I guess as we are still a little obsessed with technology and therefore TALK about it when we're not using it.. Saw my parents kinda shake their heads in `amazement' or shame looking at us going on and on..

I am lucky not to be one of those people who obsess over games online or in my phone but I can't deny the need to often want to keep checking on my phone when I'm free or waiting for someone.. It's like the same `need' to go on facebook to check on things.. Life surely can go on without all those things.. but yet, we almost always depend on it just to keep our lives `normal'..
Cuz it's a cultural norm people say. But who says we have to follow it? Why not do just the opposite, sit back and enjoy life in other ways. I mean without feeling the need to make technology rule you.

I say these things with such surety but I am also a victim of technology who sadly must go on facebook at least twice a day and read other people's status .. Shame on me.. ;)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the holy month

It is 15 minutes to midnight and I don't know why I'm writing when I should be sleeping.
Tomorrow will be the first day of Ramadhan and am very happy it has come.. I often have high spirits during this holy month and vow to make my days in the month better than before. I just hope my `vow' to myself will see me actually making it better.
A year ago I went through quite a tough time during Ramadhan and I felt that it was actually a blessing to be put through something like that in that month.. Yet I seem to remember me not really utilizing it to my best interest...
And here I am still breathing on this earth and praise be to Allah for giving me another chance to see Ramadhan and to do as much good in it.. and may the `goodness in me' also continue after the month is over too..

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