Wednesday, December 15, 2010


After a recent outstation trip to hubby's hometown I think I have returned with a little extra fat on me. Feel `lumpy' and heavy.. yucks ;p
Why is it that holidays always does that to people?
You get together and buy food (you can't find where you're staying), you gather round the table and chat, laugh and eat and eat and eat.. Somehow food tastes hundred times better when you're eating it with company. Good company.
Not only that, it's hard to say no when people start cooking for you and presenting you with all sorts of food.. and that's only breakfast!
Oh well.. to the gym I must head - more than usual..

This worry I have on me now is also cuz I have a secondary school reunion to attend in about 3 days! Help!
Ok, am not really bothered about looking `wider' than I was say..20 years ago - the duration of time I have not seen most of those people.., but also cuz despite my shortcomings I will be bringing with me - married but with no children.. I just basically want to look good.. haha.. Vain? Let's just say I want to go there feeling confident.. and I must look the part by losing some kilos..
Will I be able to do it in 3 days?

Ok, realistically maybe I can't. Whatever.. I'm going to meet old friends.. and in 20 years everyone will have `aged and expanded' as much as I have.. :D Am sure I'll find it hard to recognize some faces, but I hope it'll be a good meeting. And I'll try not to feel inferior or upset that some people have 5 kids or such when I have none still.. (though I know the common questions will be asked - anak berapa dah?.. oh takde anak lagi?.. berapa lama dah kahwin?) :p

So hope this reunion will be fun and not awkward.. And that I will forget about my `lumpiness' and all.. and be happy to catch up with old friends.. :)

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